From displacement to cash crop farming: the ongoing story of restoration for communities in northern Uganda

chili crop12 communities are rebuilding their lives following the conflict in Northern Uganda. A multi-phased programme has enabled farmers to secure their land, learn environmentally responsible farming techniques, negotiate with buyers and develop a business. livelihoods have improved, and exciting opportunities are ahead. Read more

Christmas babies in Chad

Three years ago, Guinebor II community hospital opened, off the beaten track on the edge of N’Djamena in Chad. Celebrating this anniversary, the hospital staff look back over the last three years and reflect on similarities to the Christmas story.

The hospital has seen the birth of 1,830 babies and treated 35,000 outpatients.

So far this month (half way through December), there have been 53 deliveries, more than three a day. One caesarean really stands out. Read more

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