Tunisia: livelihood opportunities for vulnerable women

Tunisian girl copywrite Dieter Drescher (2)

Title Tunisia: livelihood opportunities for vulnerable women
Description Providing income-generation training and livelihood opportunities to transform the lives of single mothers.
Status Implementation
Dates Start: June 2012; End: June 2013
Implementing partner Association for Cooperation in Tunisia (ACT)
Location Tunisia
Sector Income generation


Single mothers in Tunisia face significant challenges as they can be ostracised by their families and communities and find themselves at the margin of society. Some women face pressure from their families to hand over their babies to a home or institution, and many struggle to earn a steady income.


ACT (Association for Cooperation in Tunisia) is a not-for-profit, international development organisation. Since 1982, ACT has been working with local partners who work with vulnerable, marginalised and disadvantaged people in Tunisia. Their approach is to seek to bring transformation to communities through encouraging local initiatives of sustainable development.

ACT has prior experience in livelihoods projects and has demonstrated positive outcomes. 16 women who previously completed vocational training all successfully managed to find employment in a relevant field. And from 30 women who received equipment for establishing home-based income generation activities, 28 have managed to establish successful small businesses. These livelihoods projects also facilitate the capacity building of other local partners who are involved in identifying, training and supporting the women.


Cyan is providing funds to cover the vocational training of women identified as being on the edge of their society. Training seminars will be provided by partners of ACT to cover topics such as planning and running a budget and where appropriate, women will be issued with small business start-up grants. They will be supported and advised for earning an income in a dignified occupation.


It is expected that this project will enable ten unmarried mothers to have income-generating opportunities and improve their own wellbeing. The wider anticipated social benefits include increased confidence and finances to empower them to keep their children with them, thus preventing more children being put into institutions. Their lives can be transformed as they regain some social standing and are reunited with their families and communities. The project will also strengthen the organisational capacity of ACT’s partners.

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