Philippines: practical and psychological support for typhoon-affected families

tent city

Title Philippines: practical and psychological support for typhoon-affected families
Description A relief grant for the assistance of displaced people in Mindanao through emergency aid and post-trauma debriefing
Status Completion
Dates Start: January 2012; End: April 2012
Implementing partner Asia Pacific Baptist Aid
Location Mindanao, Philippines
Sector Relief


In December 2011, the severe tropical storm Washi struck the southern island of Mindanao bringing heavy rains, flash floods and overflowing rivers that swept whole coastal villages away. Over 1,200 people were killed and 328,000 people were displaced from their homes into evacuation centres, dependent on emergency aid and support.


Asia Pacific Baptist Aid (APBAid) is a department within the Asia Pacific Baptist Federation, a regional body for Baptist alliances from 20 countries across Asia and the Pacific. For this response, APBAid worked through the Convention of Visayas and Mindanao Southern Baptist Churches.


The initial step was to provide support for some of the families staying at evacuation centres. Mobile water dispensers were provided, 315 families received large bags of rice, and 315 families received hygiene and sanitation bags.relief distribution

Subsequently 30 pastors and Christian teachers were trained on post-trauma debriefing and 30 participants were trained on child-friendly spaces in coordination with the Bukal Life Care and Counseling Center, the Philippine Children’s Ministry Network, Protect the Children-CDO and Unicef. The trained volunteers visited ten evacuation centres including three tent cities, reaching out to families that had been affected, listening to their stories and spending time with those that had lost loved ones.

In one of the tent cities a multipurpose hall was developed as a child-friendly space, which was used for meeting and for rest. Families could have refreshments, and charge cell phones and torches.


The emergency rice and hygiene kit supplies helped meet basic needs. However in particular, this intervention raised the profile of post-trauma counseling and appropriate support for adults and children. The partner strengthened its liaison with government agencies especially the Department of Social Welfare and Development.

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