Mozambique: Limpopo River Valley Relief Flood

Chihaquelane Camp

Chihaquelane Camp

Title Limpopo River Valley Relief Flood
Description Distribution of aid to communities affected by the Limpopo River Valley flood in 2013
Status Completed
Dates Start: February 2013; End: March 2013
Implementing partner Convenção Baptita de Moçambique (CBM)
Location Chókwè District, Gaza Province, Mozambique
Sector Relief


High water line at the church

High water line at the church

In late January 2013, heavy rain in South Africa and Zimbabwe forced officials to open the flood gates of dams in the Limpopo River Basin sending vast quantities of water down river. The subsequent flooding in Mozambique particularly affected the rural town Chókwè affected people was estimated at approximately 65,000 in Gaza Province alone and by February around 45,000 people were now living in tents on higher ground at Chihaquelane Camp.


Cyan partnered with Convenção Baptitia de Moçambique (CBM) for this relief intervention. CBM is a church denomination with 120 churches across Mozambique who are concerned with the welfare within local communities.


CBM staff made the first distribution of food aid at Chókwè Primary School. This was organised by the Permanent Secretary of Chókwè District Council who had provided the CBM with a list of named recipients. 126 households each received 12.5kg of rice, 2kg of beans, 1 litre of cooking oil, 1kg of sugar, 150mil unit of water purifying liquid and 1 mosquito net.

The second distribution was carried out at Chókwè Baptist Church, where the local pastor helped to identify the local households most in need. 66 households benefited from the food relief package, with 34 also receiving corrugated iron sheets.

The remaining aid was taken to Chihaquelane Camp to be added to the combined national and international relief programme, benefiting a further 64 households.


A total of 256 households benefited in the delivery of aid. The CBM distribution was the only non-governmental but government involved aid distribution so far permitted in Chókwè.

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