Earthquake and medical relief in Haiti

Destruction in Haiti

Destruction in Haiti, 2010

Title Earthquake and medical relief in Haiti
Description Providing emergency earthquake relief, rehabilitation for people with spinal cord injuries and cholera prevention.
Status Completed
Dates Start: January 2010; End: November 2011
Implementing partner Haiti Hospital Appeal
Location Haiti
Sector Relief


On 12 January 2010, a 7.0 level earthquake, followed by approximately 30 aftershocks, devastated much of the Caribbean nation of Haiti. Countless homes were utterly destroyed and hundreds of thousands of people killed. In the quake’s aftermath, a cholera epidemic infected thousands of Haitians living in makeshift tent cities.

Cyan partners in Haiti needed assistance in responding to immediate, medium and longer term needs.


Since 2006, Haiti Hospital Appeal has been delivering quality healthcare to those usually unable to access it. Based in Cap Haitien, Haiti Hospital Appeal is perfectly placed to provide targeted responses to a number of needs in disaster situations. It has provided a hospital, community health projects, a children’s home, an ambulance service and, in 2010, earthquake response.


Eight Cyan grants, issued between January 2010 and July 2011 and totalling more than £85,000 assisted in Haiti Hospital Appeal’s relief efforts.

  • Immediate earthquake relief

New homes for spinal injury patients

Cyan grants supported the immediate relief efforts of transporting injured patients to hospital, feeding and caring for earthquake victims, and with the distribution of relief supplies (including dry food, medical supplies and livelihood resources such as sewing machines) ensuring that they reached the people who needed it most.

  • Rehabilitation for people with spinal injuries

Fourteen specially designed hurricane-resistant homes have been built for spinal injury patients made homeless by the earthquake. These homes have been modified to allow the use of a wheelchair.

The earthquake left Samuel unable to walk. Through funding provided by Cyan, Samuel is currently receiving regular physiotherapy as part of his rehabilitation program.

  • Cholera prevention

    Haiti cholera Workshop

    Delegates attending cholera training

Cyan grants funded a special training conference for 400 local community leaders to help combat the cholera epidemic in tent camps and other areas around Haiti. In addition to the training, delegates received 500 information leaflets on how to combat cholera, 60 bars of soap for community hand-hygiene, three gallons of chlorine bleach for water purification and packs of oral serum supplied by Unicef and MSF.

Cyan is also supporting 25 cholera rally posts which provide water filters, bottles of chlorox, aqua tabs, soap, disinfectant, oral rehydration salts, as well as health education.


Cyan grants to Haiti Hospital Appeal led to the generation of hope for 60 people who received medical attention and food in the direct aftermath of the earthquake, but countless more were impacted by the facilitation of essential supplies reaching their intended targets after clearing shipping. Hope for a more stable future was made more likely by Cyan grants that provided new housing for those who had lost their homes, and up to 100,000 people were equipped to prevent the spread of a deadly disease at a critical time.

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