MPs vote for 0.7% of national income to be spent on overseas aid

Back in 2013, Cyan International campaigned for the government to uphold its 0.7% commitment with other NGOs as part of the IF Campaign.

Almost two years later, on 5 December 2014, MPs turned out in force and voted overwhelmingly for a British commitment to overseas aid. The International Development (Official Development Assistance Target) Bill will next be taken to the House of Lords where it will hopefully be voted upon and passed before the general election in May 2015.

If passed, the Bill will be part of British law and all future Governments will have to ensure 0.7% of national income is spent on overseas aid.

As a recipient of UK Aid funding for our maternal health work in Afghanistan, Cyan is hopeful for a future where the UK continues to stand with the most marginalised people in our world.


Photo Credit: Iain Wanless