Cyan writes to George Osborne

As a member of the IF campaign, Cyan International has written to Chancellor George Osborne to urge him to honour the promise for the UK to allocate 0.7% GNI to overseas aid in the upcoming March Budget, and to request that he takes the opportunity to improve the transparency of the tax arrangements of UK-registered companies operating overseas.


This is our letter:


14 March 2013


Rt Hon George Osborne MP
Chancellor of the Exchequer
HM Treasury
1 Horse Guards Road
London SW1A 2HQ


Dear Chancellor


Cyan International was founded in 2009 to work in partnership with some of the poorest people across Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Our vision is to see the lives of poor and disadvantaged communities transformed – from poverty to opportunity, inequality to justice and despair to hope. For example, by working through a local partner in conflict-affected northern Uganda, we have seen tangible improvements in the lives of previously displaced communities, with training in sustainable farming methods enabling them to become self-sufficient in effective food production.


From our first hand perspective we recognise the vitally important contribution of UK aid in supporting relief and development work, and the longstanding promise of committing 0.7% GNI to the overseas aid budget. We urge you to honour that promise in the March Finance Bill, with money allocated independent of contributions to peacekeeping missions and other foreign policy objectives, in order that the poorest individuals and communities in our world may receive the crucial support needed to stop the poorest and most vulnerable facing hunger, exploitation, illiteracy, sickness and death.


Furthermore, we believe that all companies registered in the UK have an obligation to pay proportionate and appropriate tax in their countries of operation overseas, thereby contributing fairly so that people have enough food to live and their governments can afford the provision of basic services. We request that you will take the opportunity in the Finance Bill to improve the transparency of the tax arrangements of these companies.


With the upcoming Hunger Summit and G8 meeting this summer, we see that the UK government is extremely well placed to demonstrate the commitment of 0.7% GNI to overseas aid, and reflect the moral imperative to end preventable hunger in our world.As a member of the IF Campaign, we urge you to courageously set a budget that honours those poor and marginalised people around the world.


Yours faithfully
Kat Wagner
Head of Operations
Cyan International


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